Guitar with Dan Polizzi


After graduating from the Indiana University's School of Music where I studied Classical Guitar, Music Theory, and Studio Engineering I realized that I had an immense passion to share music.  For the last 17 years I have been teaching lessons and have developed a system that I believe allows my students to quickly discover their passion for music also.    


Rasellus hendrerit pulvinar nibh

 There is nothing better than witnessing the progression of a new student.  It is something I get to appreciate each day!

I also enjoy giving live solo performances and when playing Cafés, Coffee Shops, and House Concerts I strive to provide an eclectic (yet well received) mix of Celtic Instrumentals, Classical Guitar, and Singer/Songwriter music. 

This has led to the opportunity to provide music for a variety of events including weddings, dinner parties,

brunches, corporate and formal events.